How to Sell a Small Business

When you are ready to sell your small business, it is advisable to do some preparation and research ahead of time in order to select the most beneficial method to follow.

Selling a Small Business Online
Posting your small business on the Internet is most likely to bring in the largest amount of decent offers. The number of potential viewers is exponentially greater than just advertising in a local newspaper or magazine.

Another advantage of selling your small business online is that you won't have to break the bank with high dollar advertising costs. Here at, you can advertise the sale of your small business for less than $21 per month. We have thousands of small businesses for sale.

Furthermore, you can keep your potential sale confidential by not revealing your specific contact information. Prospective purchasers can fill out a form stating that they have an interest in buying your small business. The form will go directly to your email and you can make contact with the buyers that you wish to when you are ready.

Preparing to Sell a Small Business
By studying other online small business for sale ads, you should come away with a good flavor of the type of information you will need to include in your ad. It is advisable to then evaluate your small business in order to include all pertinent information as you advertise to potential buyers. It is helpful to make note of the facts and figures that you will need ahead of time before filling in the online advertisement form.

The main information that you will need to list is the type of business along with a brief narrative about the business. It is important to include keywords that describe the type of business specifically enough so that your ad will be revealed when Internet searches are performed. For example, rather than saying "great opportunity to make money" you may wish to be more specific and say " house cleaning business for sale" or "dry cleaning business for sale."

Also, before you place the advertisement for selling your small business, determine the price you will be asking for the business. It is advisable to research what others are seeking for comparable small businesses that are for sale.

Information to Include in Small Business Sale Ad
It is beneficial to include as much information about the small business as possible. Be prepared to highlight such figures as annual sales and cash flow. It is also recommended that the advertisement lists all that is included with the sale of your small business. Some examples include the current inventory, furniture, and equipment values.
Other items to incorporate into the ad consist of the length of time that the business has been in operation, why you are selling, the number of employees planning to stay on, and the type of facility/lease involved.

Finally, let the potential buyers know if you are willing to offer training and/or assistance with financing the sale of the small business.

How long should you expect the Sale of your Small Business to take?
Selling a small business usually takes approximately between five and eight months. Prices of ads vary based on the type of placement you wish to have as well as the length of time you take the ad out for. Therefore you should consider the expected timeframe when placing your online ad in order to obtain the best value for your money.

Again, as you say to yourself "I am ready to sell my small business," it is likely that you will find that the best chance of making a successful sale will come from advertising on a reputable, wide reaching website.

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