Selling a Retail Business � How to Sell a Retail Business

Once the decision is made to sell a retail business, what is the most efficient means of doing so?

Should I Sell My Retail Business on the Internet?
Since the Internet offers access to such a widespread audience, this is the most cost effective method to use in selling your retail business. Advertising on the web is much less expensive than print media advertisements.

Business for Sale Web Sites
There are many web sites to choose from when it comes to posting your retail business for sale online. For instance, at, you can reach a vast audience for as little as $20.99 per month. Our site offers several options with regard to periods of time that you can place your ad. The length of time it takes to sell a retail business averages about five to eight months. In order to ensure that the business is sold for the best possible price, it usually makes the most sense to opt for a 12 month ad.

Information Needed for Your Business for Sale Ad
When preparing your online advertisement for selling your retail business, you will want to make sure you outline all the important points of your business in the most concise manner.

Begin by reading some other advertisements in order to obtain an idea of the type of information to include in your ad. Then write a short description about your retail business.

Make certain to include keywords that are relevant to the type of retail business you are selling in both the title and the description. This practice will increase the chances that your ad will turn up correctly when people are searching for that particular type of business.

Additionally, before you place your ad, you should do some research to find out what similar retail businesses are selling for. This will help you determine your asking price.

Other Information Needed for Your Ad
Consider the following supplemental information to include in your ad:
  • Financials such as cash flow and gross sales
  • Seller training and/or financing available
  • How old the business is
  • Furniture and inventory values
  • Number of employees
  • Location and lease terms
  • Why the business is being sold
Your contact information may or may not be revealed depending on your preference. For example, at you can decide to have potential buyers fill in a form that is sent directly to your email address without displaying your personal information. This gives you the option of connecting with potential buyers when you are ready.

It also may be beneficial to include some photos of the retail business that you are selling. However, you may wish to choose the photos carefully or leave them out if you prefer to keep the potential sale of your retail business private.

In the end, opting to sell your retail business online is most likely to bring in the most profitable offers in the least amount of time.

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